Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Flame Cutting
Plate Rolling
ASME & AWS Welding
Water Jet &
Laser Cutting
Other Services

Cyclone Steel has built its reputation on superior flame cutting and plate processing for industry, but clients begin receiving outstanding service before actual production in the shop. One of the most important factors contributing to the success of our jobs is close communication with the customer before the job begins.

  • We have custom‐designed business software set up to generate detailed quotes, facilitate order entry, allocate inventory, and support order scheduling.
  • Our experienced inside sales team performs a thorough upfront contract review and is capable of interpreting engineering specifications and drawings when required. We work from written instructions, sketches, hard‐copy prints and most all‐electronic drawing file formats including AutoCAD.
  • Cyclone’s personnel are accustomed to reviewing multi‐page fabrication drawings and assisting customers with material take‐offs to generate detailed quotations.
  • Our experienced team can identify omissions, inconsistencies and other cost saving opportunities that occasionally turn up in engineering plans. We review these findings with our clients before production to save expenses upfront.
  • Our drafting team has several AutoCAD stations, which are used to efficiently translate customer drawings into CNC cutting files for the shop floor. This minimizes lead times and reduces potential for error. We utilize well‐known SigmaNEST software to achieve the most efficient use of material for our customers and to program our high‐definition plasma cutter for complex steel plate beveling.

Flame Cutting

Cyclone Steel employs the latest steel plate burning technology. These include oxy-fuel and plasma cutting processes. Read more

Plate Rolling

On our in‐house plate roll, we routinely form partial or full cylinders utilizing material up to 1.25” thick, as large as 16’ in diameter and up to 10’ in length. Read more


When parts require features with tolerances tighter than burning will produce, Cyclone Steel utilizes either of our two CNC vertical mills. Read more

Other Services

Our customers’ often require additional fabrication services and Cyclone Steel draws upon years of expertise and our proven internal process controls to successfully deliver the following value‐added services in addition to those above.

  • ASME & AWS Welding
  • Press Brake Forming Of Heavy
    Cylinders, Cones And Other 3‐D Shapes
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Punching
  • Grinding
  • Heat Treating
  • Coating
  • Non-Destructive Examination

Excellence Extends Beyond Physical Processing

Cyclone Steel stakes its reputation on providing accurately documented steel plate parts to the customer in strict accordance with job and industry specifications. When stamping is required, our Quality Control personnel utilize computer programmable embossing machines to label parts and help prevent critical information from rubbing off during handling or ensuing fabrication.

Special attention is devoted to preparation for shipment. Stacked parts are marked on the edges and staggered on pallets to ensure quick identification. All materials are secured to avoid damage in transit.

Finally, our business system produces complete bills of lading, detailed invoices and comprehensive material documentation packages to make things easier for our customers on the receiving end.

As the old saying goes, “time is money” and our entire process is conducted with a sense of urgency to benefit the client.